D 950

Following the popularity of the D600, we decided to push the boundaries and design the largest RIB we have ever created. The modular design of the D950 has been enhanced by a new hull construction in collaboration with Swedish designers. The D950 is unmistakable on the water and is very aesthetically pleasing both at rest and underway.


The base version allows customers to create their own dream deck layout. The Extra deep „V“ hight performance hull is made using vacum infusing technology, allowing for prolonged trouble free operation


The adventure version was designed with commercial operators in mind.
Each jockey seat has a locker so all 14 guests can store personal items on board. Equipped with twin 300L fuel tanks, the D950 will provide customers with long and satisfying tours along picturesque coastlines


The explorer version has been conceived for customers wanting to explore in intimate groups. The vast console can house many instruments and electronics to enhance your boating experience. A large open stern area provides lots of storage for your trip.


The Dive version has been created for those who enjoy both of what above and below water offers. The D950 has been designed to deliver you and our crew to your destination in a quick and safe manner, in the most sever of conditions

Technische Daten

Models D950
Length overall cm 954
ft/inches 31′ 4”
Length internal cm 594
ft/inches 19′ 6”
Width overall cm 319
ft/inches 10′ 6”
Width internal cm 154
ft/inches 5′ 1”
Tube diameter cm 40/60
inches 16”/24″
Bare Boat weight * kg 2160
lbs 4761
Transport gross weight ** kg 746
lbs 1645
Loading capacity *** kg 2500
lbs 5512
Passenger capacity 14
No of chambers 7
Engine recommended HP 130
kW 95,6
Engine max *** HP 1x 300 or 2x 250
kW x 220.7 or 2×183.9
Engine weight max kg 1x 450 or 2x 350
lbs 1x 330.9 or 2x 257.4
Engine shaft length 1×30″(ulta long) or 2.25 (extra long)
Midsection / aft deadrise degrees 30° / 22°
Hull type RIB
Boat design category **** B

* – The bare boat weight is just a weight of the empty boat without any removable accessories.
** – The transport gross weight is the weight of the complete boat in standard package.
*** – Because of differences in local boat-building standards, the Loading capacity and Maximum Engine Power may vary by country. Please check that with your local GRAND dealers.
**** – Boat design category under European Union Directive 2013/53/EU.